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Choosing the best type of safety collar for your cat should a fun project, one that is focused the cat’s needs and personality. Besides making sure your cat is safe, and that it feels comfortable wearing the collar, it is important to keep in mind what type of safety collar best suits your cat’s needs. Here are four different types of cat safety collars to consider:

  1. Breakaway safety collars allow the collar to come loose if the cat happens to get caught onto anything by the collar.
  2. Collars with a reflective coating will help in locating the cat if they venture out into the dark.
  3. Buckle cat safety collars usually constructed from nylon, fabric, or leather.
  4. Elastic safety collars that stretch to be placed on and taken off of the cat.

Cat collars can be a struggle

catfishMost cats may at first find safety collars to be a nuisance and it may take several tries before they relent to wearing them. It would be an excellent idea to get two or two different types of collars that may be suitable for your cat’s particular needs, and see which one your cat ends up keeping on the longest. You never want to make the experience of getting the collar on for the first time to be one of a struggle. If the cat puts up a fair amount of resistance at first, let them go about their routine, and once they have been fed and cuddled, try placing the collar on again, and standby ready to coerce with treats and/or catnip so that the association to the integration of the safety collar is a positive one.

I’ve had cats for as long as I can remember and I have certainly noticed that different cats, depending on their personality traits may enjoy different types of collars. Here are my top three choices for cat safety collars as found on


Rogz Catz Small 3/8-Inch Night Cat Safeloc Breakaway Clip Adjustable, Reflective Cat Collar – I have used different colors of this safety collar for both of my cats, and I love it especially because it combines the breakaway capability to let your cat be released from it if it somehow gets caught, and also the reflective material so that when they are outside, car lights will shine on their collars. I don’t often use the bell feature on them, but one of my cats seemed to draw particular delight from having it on.

rogz1 rogz2
rogz3 rogz4


tulipred4Tulip Red – Adjustable Cat Safety Breakaway Collar – Besides the great, double breakaway feature, fitting all cat neck sizes, and not snagging on your cat’s fur, this is by far the thinnest safety collar on the market. This cat safety collar has seemed to cause the least annoyance to my cats while still keeping them safe and secure. See on


studdedOutlaw Black Studded Leather Safety Cat Collar – This is the leather collar that has a little bit of an edge to it. The collar is adjustable from 9-12 inches, and has the breakaway design that will allow your cat to be released from the collar if they happen to get caught by it. This collar was preferred by all the cats who did not like having a bell on. See on

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