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Sureflap Microchip Cat Door Review

sureflaplogoTo secure your feline’s security, you have had them equipped with a tiny microchip implanted to track their whereabouts. So, now no matter how far from home they may like to wonder or for how long, they can be found. Getting the rest of the cats and possibly the neighborhood raccoon colony to cease braking and entering through the cat door, might require a different approach, but it will still involve your cat’s microchip. In an effort to allow your pet it’s desired easy access to the outside world without the need to get up and open a door or a window as they meow or stand by ready to scratch to be let out, the cat doors have been installed into doorways, walls and windows to allow the nocturnal creature the ability to come and go at will. Sometimes, however, your pet may bring friends home. At other times it might find itself being chased straight into your lap by a feisty neighborhood cat, while curious and industrious raccoon may sneak themselves in for unexpected visits.

How does it work?

sureflapYour cat is has probably been implanted with a chip that contains a series of numbers, as microchips numbers can be 9, 10, or 15 digits long. The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door will utilize most microchips and begin to track the entry of only the cats you tell the door to recognize. You will actually teach the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door to recognize your cat or cats when they enter through the flap the first time, by having the door memorize the number that you cat is implanted with. This sounds more difficult than it actually it. All you have to do is active the number with the door and coax your cat to come through the door one time, and from then on the cat will be remembered. If you are like me, the more cats the better, so the SureFlap is designed to recognize and store up to 32 microchip numbers per door.


sureflap1The SureFlap runs on 4AA batteries, for which the battery life expectancy is about 6 months depending on how often your cat likes to venture in. There is also a low battery indicator that is perfect for warning you about the need to change out the batteries. So, you might now be wondering how in the world the door keeps your cat secure? Once the connection has been made between the microchip digits from the cat with the door, only those particular cats will be allowed entry through the door due to the 4-way manual lock. The door screens the head of the animal trying to come through the door and if it does not have the correct microchip number, it will not be allowed to come through the door. The cat door is designed in white and brown.

In and Out

While the SureFlap can be installed on doors, walls, and windows, most households will opt to have only one cat door. During the warm summer months this leaves the rest of the open windows and doors susceptible to others who may seek the comforts of your home and your pet’s tasty treats. The SureFlap only monitors animals as they come through or attempt to come through the door, but their exit is not controlled. While most intruder cats will give up soon after the door does not open for them, raccoons will be a bit more thorough in trying their best with their crafty paws to gain entry into your food heaven. If you would like a SureFlap equipped with advanced anti-raccoon settings you will want to acquire the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door with Custom Mode 5 superficially designed to keep out even the craftiest of raccoons.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Door- White
List Price: $108.55
Price: $108.55
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Peace of mind knows no bound when loved ones are concerned, so giving your cat the freedom to come and go as they please is something they are sure to enjoy. The SureFlap will make sure that your cats are the only ones who can return without worrying about strange furry creatures you may not want to share your cat’s treats with.

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