Important Features Of Cat Safety Collars

In many ways, our cats are like our children and our companions all rolled up into one gorgeous ball of feline wonder. They are curious, free spirited, sensitive and can definitely teach us a thing or two about relaxing and enjoying life. Anyone who has watched a cat sleep or purr with delight has been privy to some of the most stress reducing activities. So, we form this unstated pact with our cats, they provide amazing company and we, in turn, take good care of them, and look out for their well being in all possible ways.

cat safety collarOne way in which we can protect the safety of our beloved cats, is to outfit them with a cat safety collar. No, we don’t do this so that we have a reason to bring out our BeDazzler and impose our sense of style on our cat, but the collars do come in a variety of styles and colors. The reason we want to get both our indoor and outdoor kitties used to wearing a cat safety collar is so that if for some reason they get lost, they can easy be returned to their loving home without delay.

What to look for in a cat safety collar?

If your cat has ever wandered off or gone missing, no amount of searching and calling their name through the neighborhood will make your heart beat regularly, until they have been found. Getting the right type of cat safety collar for your cat will help in maintaining their safety and in ensuring a speedy return should they ever become lost. Here is a list of features to look into when considering what type of safety collar you will get for you cat:

  1. Is the safety collar comfortable?
  2. Does the safety collar have a breakaway release so that if the cat collar gets caught on something the cat can release itself from it?
  3. What type of neck width is the collar suitable for, and is it adjustable?
  4. Is the collar reflective so that cars driving at night can see your pet?
  5. Does it have a removable bell? Sometimes, you may want it on, while at other times you might want to enjoy the silence.
  6. Will the collar snag your cat’s fur?
  7. Can you attach an ID tag to it with all pertinent information displayed?

It make take several tried before you find the perfect collar that your cat will like, so bring home at least two to three, and through a process of trial and error let your cat decide which one they like wearing the best after you have considered all of the safety features first.

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