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best cat safety collarPicking a safety collar for your cat may seem like an easy task at first, and while it should certainly not be a daunting one, there are a few things to consider before deciding on this one vital accessory. The cat safety collar you choose may ensure your cat’s safe return if they ever happen to get lost. Whether your cat is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat that you don’t suspect will ever really make it outdoors, the best course of acting in guarding against a lost cat, is taking precautionary measure. Your best line of defense is outfitting your cat with a safety collar, one that the cat does not find bothersome, one that is safe, and one that contains all the pertinent information anyone might need to return your cat you.

Important Features

There are some features that you want to keep in mind while hunting for the perfect cat collar depending on what your cat’s needs are. Here are the top four questions to ask yourself when buying a cat safety collar:

  1. Does the collar have a breakaway mechanism so, that if it gets caught in something the cat will be released?
  2. Is the collar reflective so drivers can see your pet in the dark?
  3. Can you attach a tag with all of your pet’s current information on it?
  4. Will your cat find the collar comfortable enough to wear?

Cat Collar Cost

As with most things in life, cost is always a factor that may come into play. While having a cat comes with its own set of financial responsibilities, your cat safety collar should not be something that poses a steep financial obligation. The average cost of cat safety collars can rage from $5-$15. My personal favorite over the years has been the Tulip Red – Adjustable Cat Safety Collar Breakaway from the National Leash Company, now available on for a reduced price of $5.98. I think the reason why my cats loved it and never really fuss when I put it on is because it is actually the thinnest collar available on the market, and it is also very lightweight. It has the breakaway feature, so I don’t have to worry about them being caught by it as they run and play outside in the trees and climb fences. It also comes with a ring already attached to it for your personal information tag. Because this collar is so thin, is also helps in not matting the cat’s fur, which has been an issue with other collars.


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