3 Vital Things to Write on Your Cat’s Tag

In life, we try to protect our loved ones to very best of our abilities, and this, of course, applies to our cats. We create a safe and loving home for them, we get them vaccinated and checked out by the vet, and we pay a good deal of attention to making sure their nutritional needs are met and exceeded. What we can’t do is to monitor where they will go if they are used to being outdoors. There is a fine line to be remembered when deciding whether to keep your cat indoors or allowing them outdoor access. Keeping your cat indoors will keep them out of harm from a variety of unpredictable circumstances, but at the same time it will deprive them of the joy of running wild with their animal nature and enjoying the beauty that the outside world has to offer.


Is Safety an Illusion?

If you are like me, watching your cat sit by the window and longing to go outside will get to you, and as much as you would like to believe that by keeping them inside your are making sure they are always safe, you will let them venture into nature for it is their natural terrain. The idea of safety can be an illusion, and a life well lived is a happy one for all living creatures. One of the many things we are taught to appreciate most and value by our pets, are our own animal natures and the ability to act from them. There is an immeasurable grace and beauty in being wild and free in nature, and watching your cat play in the grass, climb a tree or chase another animal with delight is pure joy.

3 Important Things to Put on Your Cat’s ID Tag

Since we know the unequal value of freedom, you will allow your pet to roam the great outdoors prepared. One of the best things to do if you know that your cat will go outside is to equip it with a breakaway collar that will snap off if the cat becomes caught of tangled in something, but will include all the necessary information should the cat get lost
Here are the essential things you want to include on your cat’s tag on the collar:

  1. Your cat’s name
  2. Your Name
  3. Your phone number

If your cat is has a microchip, you might want to indicate that as well, although all vets would scan for one anyway. You’ve done your part, and now you can rest easy knowing that your cat will be safer and if by some change they get lost, anyone who comes across them, can return them safely back home.

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