Cat Safety Collars

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cat safety collar

Give me a safety collar! đŸ™‚

There is one word that is synonymous with cats and it is curiosity. Felines are known to stretch, jump, balance and dash into the most unusual of places, all for the opportunity with a chance encounter with the unknown. We all possessed the same unique draw towards new experiences as children, and as adults we must remember this so that we can best care for our pet. Although some cat owners may think that because they consider their pet to be an indoor cat, they have no need to look into a cat safety collar, the honest truth is that the indoor cat is in as much need of a cat safety collar, as any cat that prances through neighborhood at will.

Keep your indoor and outdoor cats safe

A cat safety collar may not the first request on your feline friend’s mind, as they will probably enjoy catnip a great deal more, but it should be first on your list of things to help keep them safe. Even the most well behaved and domesticated cat, can lunge for an open window or door out of sheer curiosity, and the chances of finding it are very slim if no identification is available to help person who finds the missing cat. Indoor cats are the most likely to get scared and weary of being outdoors, while outdoors cats can also get lost. The reason why cat collars are so popular is to ensure that should the cat get lost, they can be identified and returned home.

How to put a collar on a cat?

A cat safety collar should be introduced to your cat slowly, over a period of time, so that they have a chance to get used to it. Try the cat safety collar for a few hours a day, reward your pet with treats as the hours pass, and reassure them with frequent petting. You want to be able to place two fingers in between the collar and the cat’s neck. You want to make sure that the collar is a good fit, and that it is neither too tight nor not too loose. It is very normal for your cat to be annoyed at first by this new adornment, and they may try to take it off. If it really seems to bother them, take it off, and reintroduce it after a few hours.

What to put on cat id tag?

Once your cat has become accustomed to the feel of the cat safety collar, it is imperative to add all of your information onto an id tag. This tag should include your name, the cat’s name, address, and phone number. These are crucial pieces of information to expedite the safe return of your cat should it ever stray away from home.